Club Member Agreement


1-1A “Member” is an individual who has agreed to this agreement and registered for X Bus Club.

1-2“Service” is defined as services provided for members by HOKKAIDO X (hereinafter referred to as “HX”) on the “”, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “HX Site”).

1-3“Member Information” refers to information provided by members to the websites of HX and records regarding transactions between members and HX.


2-1The terms in the agreement apply to all members and apply from the time of registration.


3-1Members are responsible for password management in order to prevent others from knowing, such as updating their passwords regularly. If the member’s email address and password are entered correctly, HX will recognize that the member is doing it. Even if the account information is stolen, we are not responsible for any activity, including activities that cause any kind of damage resulting from the use of the member’s account.

3-2HX will appropriately manage and process personal information in accordance with HX’s privacy policy.

3-3HX is not liable for any loss or delay of data due to system failure, such as communication line or computer interruptions, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, damage to members related to services provided by HX. HX also does not guarantee the content of emails.

4Prohibited Items

4-1“Members are prohibited from engaging in the following activities when using these services:
Activities that violate the law and / or these terms, notes on this website, notes on booking / purchasing from HX, and / or other actions that contradict these terms.
Activities that damage the rights, interests, and / or reputation of HX and / or third parties.
Actions that cause trouble or discomfort to other users or third parties.Entering false information
Send and / or post harmful computer programs / emails etc.
Unauthorized access to HX computer or server.
Lending and / or granting user IDs and / or passwords to third parties and sharing with these third parties.
HX Site’s commercial affiliate ads
Purchase of HX Site listed products for resale.
Cancellation after purchasing large quantities of products on HX Site.

5Suspend / Cancel Service

5-1To enable members to use the service with the highest level of quality, HX may suspend and / or cancel some or all services without prior notice in the following cases: HX’s decision that damage has occurred in terms of service delivery, the need to protect member security, and other situations. HX is not liable for any damages and / or losses incurred by members due to these events.

5-2HX may change or terminate some or all services if deemed appropriate in accordance with that decision.

5-3“If we determine that a particular member is responsible for any of the following items, HX will suspend the service, change the password and / or cancel the membership of the member without prior notice I can. HX is not liable for any damages and / or losses that occur through these circumstances.
Member behavior violates the law and / or these conditions
When an illegal act concerning the use of a member’s service occurs
When it is determined that a member’s security needs to be protected, for example, when a member’s password is entered incorrectly for a set number of times
Other situations that the company deems appropriate”


6-1HX may revise the terms of the agreement, and HX may supplement these terms. Revisions and supplements to these terms will become effective upon posting such revisions / supplements on certain HX websites. In this situation, members must comply with the amendments and / or supplementary provisions.


7-1These terms are to be defined by Japanese law, and in the event that legal action is required to be taken in relation to these terms, the Sapporo District Court shall be used as the exclusive Terms jurisdictional court for the first trial.